WordPress Design and Site Planning Guide

Design/Layout resources

At minimum

Customization (get fancier)



Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, c. 1962, Allegheny Conference on Community Development Photographs, HistoricPittsburgh.org
  • It’s recommended that images be
    • in JPEG format,
    •  between 1000-1500px on the longest side
    • under 1MB in size.
  • Full-width images should be approx 2500px in width 
  • Use ResizeImage or Optimizilla to compress and size your images
  • All images, documents, etc. used should have a full attribution in the caption, with an embedded hyperlink, as in the example at right 

(NOTE: an exception on citations can be made for header elements, where this attribution is harder to include.  Give credit for such design elements in the bibliography page)

Data Visualizations

Tip: to embed an iframe in WordPress, use the “Custom HTML” block and the full embed code, NOT the “Embed” block.

  • Getting an embed code from Google Sheets:
  • Be sure to choose colors that fit within your site’s design, and that are complementary/accurately represent the data. Data Color Picker is a recommended resource.
  • Some data visualizations may embed strangely because of the width settings in your WordPress theme; experiment with shifting to full width to see if this improves.