All assignment instructions will be posted here, and linked from the week summaries in the Course Schedule.

Week 1 (due week of January 24)

  • Annotate Week 2 readings with Hypothesis
  • Write a 250-word blog post that addresses one or more of the following questions, with at least two specific examples from the reading:
    • How do digital technologies change the way we interact with and understand the past?
    • What aspects of digital history/humanities seem the most exciting to you, and why?
    • What “perils” do historians need to be aware of as they pursue digital work?
  • Post this writing in the Google Doc shared via class email

Week 2 (due week of Jan 31)

  • Submit your domain URL to me DUE ASAP
  • Learning Reflection: Write a short (150-250 words) blog post reflecting on what you’ve learned thus far in our class, and any skills you think you have developed. If you wish, you may also add a discussion of any concerns or anxieties you have about the material so far. DUE MONDAY, January 31 by 12 noon.
  • Annotate Week 3 readings with Hypothesis DUE TUESDAY, February 1 by 12 noon

Week 3 (due Thursday, February 10)

Digital History project review

After “drafting” a site in class, write a 500-750 word blog post reviewing the project, applying the guidelines and criteria from the JAH and The Public Historian. 

Before beginning your review, study these examples from academic journals as useful models

At a minimum, your review should include:

  • The project’s type and purpose, with a brief description
  • Who created and maintains the project
  • The project’s “category” as classified by the NCPH & JAH guidelines
  • At least one paragraph addressing questions raised under the “Content” section of the NCPH & JAH guidelines
  • At least one paragraph addressing questions raised under the “Form” section of the NCPH guidelines

Week 5 (due Tuesday, February 22)

Write a 500-word blog post summarizing the skills you are developing with regards to data visualization and analysis.
Embed at least one visualization you have created with either the sample data provided in class, or another dataset.

Week 6 (due Tuesday, March 1)

Complete the first milestone for you final project

Write a 500ish word blog post to the following questions:

  1. What questions can I explore with this dataset?
  2. What questions do I want to explore, but are impossible with this data?
  3. Is it possible to obtain the missing data I describe in question two? If so, how can I do it?
  4. What kinds of manipulation will this dataset require? Am I (will I be) capable of doing this myself, or will I need help?

You should also create a few sketch-like data visualizations. These can be literal sketches on paper, with photos of the drawings posted in your blog. These are not final or authoritative! They’re a way to start thinking about what data have, and what kinds of questions you can ask about it.

Week 7 (due Thursday, March 10)

Digital Data Skills Challenge (completed in-class)

Week 11 (due Thursday, March 31)

Below are a few online games dealing with historical topics. Play at least two, and write a 250-word blog post addressing these questions:

  • did the experience of “playing the past” add anything to your understanding of the historical topic?
  • could you envision improvements that would have enhanced the experience? (focus here on content or gaming elements, rather than “the graphics weren’t good” or something)
  • what are the advantages of this kind of engagement with the past?
  • does the medium of gaming risk trivializing history? why or why not?

Week 12 (due Tuesday April 5)

Write a 500-word blog post addressing the prompts under Week 12