This collection of tools is provide as a reference resource as you create in your digital domains; it is far from comprehensive, but can be a good starting point. Please feel free to suggest additional tools you may find!

I want to…

make my website look awesome

make fancy graphics, images, banners, etc.

annotate images

create a location-based tour

  • PlacePress – WordPress plugin that adds geolocation to posts

find digitized books, images, and other media to use

add digital storytelling elements

Knightlab Storytelling Tools

  1. Juxtapose – Easy-to-make frame comparisons (note: WordPress’s Image Compare block does a similar thing).
  2. Soundcite – Seamless inline audio.
  3. Storyline – Tell the story behind the numbers.
  4. StoryMap – Maps that tell stories.
  5. Timeline – Easy-to-make, beautiful timelines.

convert a file to another format

CloudConverter – need to make an .mov into a .m4v? Or a PDF into a Word document? This is your one-stop shop.

improve data visualization aesthetics

make data-based visualizations and maps

  • ArcGIS Online (here’s a very handy tutorial to get you started)
  • Carto
  • Datawrapper has a mapping tool
  • Flourish has some interesting examples, including timeline-slider maps and other animated options
  • Google Sheets can make some basic maps also!
    • NOTE: remember to go back to Hands-On DataViz for good guides on data mapping!
    • some mapping software may require you to geocode addresses before it can plot them; Geocodio works well for this
    • also see ColorBrewer for good advice on improving the aesthetics of data maps