Week 11: Playing the Past

In this unit we will explore:

  • the potential of video games for engaging with the past
  • challenges and potential problems with gaming as a mode of engagement
Literally the only way most people know anything about the history of the 19th-century American West

Tuesday, April 6


It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had readings, so don’t forget to annotate with Hypothesis!

Thursday, April 8

Let’s play!

Below are a few online games dealing with historical topics. Play at least two, and write a 250-word blog post addressing these questions:

  • did the experience of “playing the past” add anything to your understanding of the historical topic?
  • could you envision improvements that would have enhanced the experience
  • what are the advantages of this kind of engagement with the past?
  • does the medium of gaming risk trivializing history? why or why not?

Blog post should be completed by class time on Thursday, April 8.